Monday, 9 December 2013

Absolution: The Vampire Alliance Book One Has Been Released!

Well, this week's a big week for me. Yesterday, in the wee hours of the morning (3:30am actually) I decided that it was time. After hundreds of hours of editing, cover design, re-editing I clicked the publish button and 'Absolution: The Vampire Alliance Book One' became available to buy for Kindle through Amazon.

Even better, without much in the way of advertising, it's selling and has a five star reader review! The reviewer is among those who read my first draft on and he's fond enough of the book to buy the release edition.

So, what is Absolution all about?

Eve Blakethorn can barely remember what it was like to be unaware of the vampire world around her. Many years have passed since she met the stranger, the man who saved her life, gave her the world and promised her immortality. Unfortunately for Eve someone in power had not wanted her to have the world. Within days of her marriage her life is shattered. Everyone Eve cares for, vampire and human, is taken from her and she is left alone to fend for herself in a world she neither understands nor fits into. How can she hope to survive her dark and lonely existence while still plagued by the horrors she witnessed when her husband died? How can she avoid becoming prey to the monster that stalks her footsteps, the devil she has long suspected to be the one who brought about her husband’s downfall?
Desperation drives her every move, leading her into the darkness where monsters wait. Can Eve discover the truth about how her world came to crumble and who was really responsible? Is there another stranger out there capable of bringing her some sense of peace? And just what is the vampire government, The Senate, hiding in the dark tunnels under the city?

If you wanted keywords I'd have to describe the novel as gritty, urban, paranormal romance. It's certainly adult fiction rather than young adult and has some quite dark themes which will only get darker in book two, which will be released early next year.  The vampires are supposed to be seductive and certainly not vegetarian, although their characters range from monstrous to heroic. 

'Absolution' sets up the foundations of as story set to expand, and develops the world and the interwoven relationships which could make or break the protagonist. I can only hope that new readers fall as much in love with the characters and the world as I have, and as my first draft readers did. 

I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank Matt McGurk of who is the photographer behind my covers, and of course Laura Rea who played Eve for the shoot.


Angela McGurk


  1. I can't wait to read this! It sounds like my kind of book :) I read everything from Stephen King to Nora Roberts to Wilbur Smith.

  2. Cant wait to read! love this genre!

  3. i have not read it,but it sounds pretty good

  4. sounds like a great book!!! I have never read much into this genre but my daughter loves them!